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First win for Villorba Ferrari, bis in GTS for Mercedes. Trouble-free race for López-Montermini. Peter-Broniszewski 2nd and Ramos-Giammaria 3rd. The IMSA Porsche now second in overall standings. Race incident takes out of race Holzer (Manthey) and Bruni (AF Corse). The Seyffarth Mercedes wins again in GTS, where Bizzarri is new leader

Ferrari completed its successful weekend by taking a second win at the Nürburgring, this time with the aabar Villorba car of Cochito López and Andrea Montermini, for once spared of any trouble. They preceded the other Ferraris of Broniszewski-Peter (Kessel) and Ramos-Giammaria (Black), both taking an excellent result.
Fifth, the IMSA Porsche which is now 2nd in the standings, just 2 points behind Holzer-Tandy. The Manthey Porsche today fell victim of contact from Bruni (AF Corse).

In GTS, the Seyffarth Mercedes of Kenneth Heyer-Jan Seyffarth repeated yesterday’s win, again ahead of the excellent Deboeuf Porsche of Marco Seefried-Thomas Gruber, while Stefano Bizzarri, today third with Andrea Rizzoli on the AF Corse Ferrari 458 GT3, is now the new sole leader in GTS.
It is a sensational start of Marco Seefried who sneaks in between Barba and Leo to take the lead, while there is a contact between Tandy and Giammaria, who loses positions. Seefried flies away with Barba leading the opposition ahead of Lopez, Leo, Tady, Seyffarth, Broniszewski, Bontempelli, Pilet, Giammaria and Christodoulou.
In lap 5, Tandy passes Leo, while Giammaria climbs up to 7th. In lap 11, there is a contact between De Castro and Dalle Stelle who spins, while battle is fierce for eighth between Broniszewki, Narac, Bontempelli and Christodoulou.
With pit stops starting on lap 12 and all the top SuperGTs stopping first, it’s Seefried leading ahead of the Seyffarth Mercedes. But, in lap 14, the hit of the race when Bruni hits Holzer, in an unfortunate braking, ruining the races of both.
After the driver change, it’s Montermini leading with a 11” gap on Ramos and Peter, fighting for second (the Austrian will pass on lap 17); then, Gruber and Heyer quite close and the Aston who takes fourth shortly after. Behind Montermini, it’s Peter, Ramos,resisting well to Malucelli, while Heyer has passed Gruber (lap 19) at the helm of GTS, then Pilet, while Bizzarri takes third in GTS ahead of the excellent Lapidus McLaren of Hummel.

Race 2 Result (top five):

1 López Juan Manuel/Montermini Andrea - Scuderia Villorba - Ferrari 458 GT Italia - 24 laps in 50:06.949
2 Broniszewski Michael/Peter Philipp - Kessel Racing - Ferrari 458 GT Italia +14.140
3 Ramos Miguel/Giammaria Raffaele - Black Team - Ferrari 458 GT Italia + 24.673
4 Barba Álvaro/Malucelli Matteo - Villois Racing - Aston Martin Vantage + 26.578
5 Narac Raymond/Pilet Patrick - Imsa Performance Matmut - Porsche 997 GT3 RS + 28.402

GT Open Standings after Race 4 of 18

1.Holzer-Tandy, 54 points; 2. Pilet-Narac, 52; 3. Barba-Malucelli, 46; 4. Bizzarri, 40; 5. Broniszewski-Peter, 36
GTS: 1. Bizzari, 24 p.; 2. Mapelli-Hamilton, 21; 3. Seyffarth-Heyer, 20; 4. Cadei, 18; 5. Seefried-Gruber, Zampieri-Dalle Stelle, 16
Teams Overall: 1. Manthey Racing, 24; 2. IMSA, 23; 3. Villois Racing, 21; 4. Kessel Racing, 8; 5. Aabar Villorba, AF Corse, 10
Teams GTS: 1. AF Corse, 24 p.; 2. Kessel Racing, 22 p.; 3. Autorlando Sport, 21; 4. Seyffarth Racing, 20; 5. Deboeuf Raceteam, 16

Data: 27 mag 2012 (18:49)